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Benefits of Making the Switch to LED Lighting

Benefits of Making the Switch to LED Lighting

Savvy homeowners are always looking for a way to improve their house. However, sometimes home improvement is about more than big projects like kitchen remodeling.

In fact, a smaller but effective task many homeowners are opting for is making the transition from traditional incandescent lighting to LED lighting. Ask any reputable electrical contractor about whether or not this is a good way to improve your electrical system and they will tell you yes.

So while it is true that these types of bulbs cost more upfront, they are well worth the investment. Let us teach you some of the basics about LED bulbs and how you can take advantage of using them in your household.

LED Lighting: Worth the Hype?

In a short answer, yes! And here are some of the reasons that you will be glad that you made the transition to this type of lighting.

  • LED lights have a much longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs. Stop changing your bulbs so frequently and wasting money on inferior bulbs. With a rated life of approximately 50,000 hours, this far extends past other types of lighting. In fact, this is roughly 50 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs and 25 times longer than halogen lighting. So, even though you do pay more upfront for these bulbs, the payoff is the much longer lifespan. It can take as long as 18 months to recoup the investment, but most homeowners feel it is well worth it.
  • For those places where the lights tend to stay on 24/7, LED is the perfect lighting. Every home has one or more rooms where the lights generally just stay lit. As much use as the lighting gets, it just makes more sense to leave the lights on. This is typically a space like the kitchen, bathroom, porch or living room. Whatever the case may be for your home, an electrical contractor will advise you that LED lights make the best bulbs for high traffic areas. The good news is that you can stop stressing out over getting your family members to try to remember to turn off lights in these areas because there really isn’t much operational cost involved.
  • Many homeowners opt for this type of lighting because it is greener. Any electrical contractor can tell you more about the components that make this the green bulb of choice, mostly because they are the more energy-efficient selection. These bulbs are the more environmentally responsible choice to make because they use less energy and this reduces the carbon footprint of your household. The great news is that this is not only better for the Eco-system, it reduces your monthly energy costs.

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